What to See & Do

Prosauropod NEW

Walk through the doors of the Fundy Geological Museum and enter an ancient world. Our amazing exhibits offer you the chance to see some of the oldest dinosaur bones in Canada.

Learn about the world-famous dinosaur discovery that was made in Parrsboro in 1984—the largest of its kind ever made in North America.

Get a close-up look at the creatures who reigned supreme in this region millions of years before we arrived! Check out the world’s first reptiles, the planet’s earliest dinosaurs, giant dragonflies and bug-like creatures as big as baseball bats!

Fossil fanatics and gem lovers will fancy our exhibits. At the Fundy Geological Museum, you can explore Nova Scotia’s mineral treasures and age-old fossils that were discovered in nearby sea cliffs along the Fundy Shore.

Walk where the dinosaurs walked! Discover the area’s rich geological past on a guided tour with our museum experts.