Student Programming

Day Trips

Carbon: Gallery Tour, $4/student

Oxygen: Gallery Tour + Activity, $6/student

Silica: Gallery Tour + Beach Tour, $6/student

Iron: Gallery Tour + Activity + Beach Tour, $8/student


Overnight Trips

Magnesium: Gallery Tour + 2 Activities + Beach Tour + 2 meals,

$200 + $60/student

Aluminum: Gallery Tour + 3 Activities + 2 Beach Tours + 3 meals,

$200 + $75/student

*Overnight bookings are restricted to May through August


Classroom Visit from Museum Staff

Sodium: Lecture: 1 hour, $45

Calcium: Activity: 45 min to 1 hour, $4/student

*Limited number of bookings available and only to schools in the counties of Cumberland, Colchester,Antigonish, Guysborough, Halifax, and Hants


Teaching Resources

Bay of Fundy Rock and Mineral ID kits and Lesson Plan

$4.50/per student, includes shipping (within Canada).

Includes a lesson plan, step by step instructions, activity cards, and minerals


Beach Tours

  • Partridge Island (Grade 1 and up): collect and identify minerals
  • East Bay (Grade 1 and up): Discuss plate tectonics and search for fossil trackways
  • Wasson Bluff (Grade 9 and up): Site of Canada’s oldest dinosaurs & mineral collecting



  • Bay of Fundy rock and mineral identification, Grade 4 and 7 Earth and Space Science and Grade 12 Geology
  • Geological timeline, Grade 7 Earth and Space Science
  • Make a fossil cast, Grade 4 Earth and Space Science
  • Discovery tour, self-guided scavenger hunt style tour, versions for all grade levels
  • Mathematics and Paleontology, Grade 7 Math
  • Evolution in Action, Grade 6 Diversity of Life and Grade 7 Life Science
  • Climate Change, Grade 6 Diversity of Life and Grade 7 Life Science

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