Tour Group Programming

Day Trips

Carbon: Gallery Tour, $10/person

Oxygen: Gallery Tour + Activity, $18/person

Silica: Gallery Tour + Beach Tour, $28-38/person

Iron: Gallery Tour + Activity + Beach Tour, $35-45/person

General admission is included in every package.



Make your own fossil- Choose from a large variety of fossil molds and create your very own exact replica of a Nova Scotia fossil! You can choose to paint your fossil cast as realistically or creatively as you would like! These make wonderful and unique gifts!

Build the Geologic Timeline- Have you ever wondered how much time 4.6 billion years really is? What about the amount of time humans have been around compared to dinosaurs? Build a geologic timeline to truly grasp what Deep Time looks like.

Nova Scotia Rock & Mineral ID cards- Create your very own field guide of local rocks and minerals you’ll see on the beaches of Nova Scotia! This handy guide will be useful outside as well as look great framed in your home! The perfect personalized souvenir.


Field Trips

First Beach- World’s Highest Tides Experience Parrsboro’s First Beach, a site of historical significance and beautiful views of the famous Bay of Fundy. While here we will discuss why we experience the highest tides in the world and how that impacts local biodiversity and human development. Duration: 0.5 hr Distance: 100 m

Wa’so’q (Partridge Island)- Bubbling Tides Join in a guided tour to Partridge Island Beach to learn about the early history of Parrsboro, the historic Ottawa House Museum, local Mi’kmaw legends, and general geology. Your tour might even include the “boiling tide” of the legendary Cooking Pot of Glooscap’s Grandmother! Duration: 1.5 hrs Distance: 1 km

West Bay- Fossil Footprints Join the hunt for 300 million year old fossil footprints! On this tour, you and your guide will search for the footprints of ancient amphibians. You may also find horseshoe crab trackways, wave ripples, and plant fossils. Are you ready to journey back to a time before dinosaurs? Duration: 2.5 hrs Distance: 2.6 km

Wasson Bluff- Canada’s Oldest Dinosaurs This special guided tour explores the currently active dinosaur research site at Wasson Bluff.  Walk on the ocean floor and travel back in time over 200 million years ago when dinosaurs first roamed the Earth. Duration: 2.5 hrs Distance: 2 km


PLEASE NOTE: Sturdy footwear is required. Local beaches can be moderate to challenging walking/hiking surfaces.

*All prices do not include tax.  

To book call 1-902-254-3814  or email


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