Danielle Serratos

Director/Curator of the Fundy Geo Museum



Danielle J. Serratos earned her Bachelor of Science in Geology at Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi and her Master of Science in Geology from the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Her research focuses primarily on Mesozoic marine reptiles, paleontological collections and digitization, and education and outreach efforts.

Serratos has worked in a number of fields outside of paleontology, including developing and teaching 4th and 7th grade science curricula, monitoring and maintaining field equipment that provided coastal weather information at both state and federal levels, developing educational expos that brought together the local scientific community and military families, and curated and databased modern botanical specimens.

Within the paleontological field, Serratos has provided both formal and informal educational initiatives that have donated, or brought temporarily, fossils into classrooms in Texas, Alaska, and South Dakota; taught college-level paleontological and geological labs; been an organizer for sedimentary geology and paleontological communities throughout the entire United States; participated in developing novel approaches to how paleontological and neontological specimens are databased and accessed online for research and educational activities; curated and databased fossils from around the world; and published a new genus of elasmosaur as well as co-authored one of the most complete evolutionary understandings of Plesiosauria to date.

Before joining the Fundy Geo team, Serratos oversaw the management of the Museum of Geology in Rapid City, South Dakota. While there, she created new exhibits that adhered to peer-reviewed scientific understanding, established new outreach activities and tour guides, maintained the business and research accounts of the Museum and its staff, trained and mentored college students to be effective science communicators and employees, and installed a brand-new Kid Zone with hands-on critical-thinking experiences.