The Fundy Geological Museum offers daily interpretive tours to local beaches. The tours are a fun and interesting way to learn about geological formations in the area. Enjoy the breath-taking view and take home some of your favorite rocks and minerals. See where Canada’s oldest dinosaur bones are buried at Wasson Bluff, view 300 million year old fossils at East Bay and search for Nova Scotia’s provincial mineral, Stilbite, at Partridge Island.

Wasson Bluff

Wasson Bluff offers Jurassic-age red beds, basalt lava flows, river channels and wind blown sands. Bones from some of Canada’s oldest dinosaurs have been discovered in the tide washed cliffs. that ruled before the dinosaurs. The rocks tell a story of ancient seas and coal swamps, collision of continents and formation of Pangea, and the development of a rift valley which contains the foot prints and bones of animals from the Dawn of the Dinosaurs.

East Bay-Partridge Island

The rocks of East Bay-Partridge Island present a cross section through Parrsboro's geologic past. They tell of the warm tropical seas, shallow lakes and coal swamps that existed during the formation of Pangea, and the desert sands and volcanic flows deposited during the beginning of the age of dinosaurs.