Fossils on Horseback

The Fundy Geological Museum has partnered with Spirit Reins Ranch to offer a one-of-a-kind experience to our guests. Take a horseback trail ride to the active dig site of Canada’s Oldest Dinosaurs! Your tour will be led by the Fundy Geological Museum’s Curator and you’ll learn about some of the most influential research being done in paleontology. This tour travels through time and space as you ride along gorgeous beaches and go back 200 million years to when dinosaurs were roaming the land and the supercontinent Pangea was breaking apart. We’ll even take a snack break from riding to stop and look for fossils (but no collecting as only researchers with permits are allowed to in this Special Place)! We will schedule your ride at low tide so you can ride your horse along the seafloor of the Minas Basin, observing a variety of tidal creatures such as clams, crabs, shore birds, and more! All tours must be booked more than one week in advance of the tour date. The maximum number of guests able to book the tour will be limited to seven. Children under 10 may not ride on trails. Please allow for and give 48 hours’ notice for cancellation on all pre-booked trail rides. We reserve the right to cancel due to bad weather with a full refund. Charges will be applied for guests who do not adhere to the cancellation policy (20%). Safety and liability waivers must be signed by all guests (including guardians for minors) before tours begin.

Duration: This tour lasts 2 hours and 30 minutes. It is recommended for Intermediate to Advanced riders (rate yourself using the guidelines below).

Fee: $220.00 CAN per person plus 15% HST

Novice/Beginner: Has ridden a horse 0-5 times, 0-3 riding lessons, no formal shows or competitions.
Intermediate: Has ridden a horse consistently for over a year, more than 4 lessons, competed in shows or events.
Advanced: Has ridden more than 3 years consistently, has obtained rider levels through Provincial Equestrian Federation or competed for more than 2 years in shows or events.