200 Million Year Trail Ride

Start your adventure at the Spirit Reins Ranch, a small farm in the adorable community of Parrsboro, Nova Scotia, where you’ll be introduced you to your equine partner and experience how to saddle and prepare for a trail ride on the sea floor of the world famous Bay of Fundy! After a quick drive to the coast, your party will join the Curator of the Fundy Geological Museum and ride along the picturesque 200 million year old cliffs to an active dig site where you will excavate fossil bones! Enjoy refreshments on the breezy ocean floor and ride in the footsteps of Canada’s oldest dinosaurs! This one-of-a-kind adventure is a memory that will last the rest of your life. Become a horseback-riding paleontologist for a day and explore how different the world was at a time when dinosaurs ruled the Earth.

2021 Rides will be offered May 6th, June 3rd, June 17th, and July 2nd and can be booked at:

Package Prices (includes tax):

$ 300.00 for one person

$ 540.00 for two people

$ 720.00 for three people

$ 840.00 for a group of four

Note: this tour can accommodate a maximum of four guests.


Included in the Package:

3-Hour Horseback Tour with Spirit Reins Ranch & Fundy Geo Museum:

An expert-led tour of the cliffs along the beach, with a rest stop at Fundy Geo Museum’s active fossil research dig site

Exclusive opportunity to sieve for fossils with a museum expert

Light refreshments on the ocean floor



Cancellation Policy: Please allow for and give 48 hours’ notice for cancellation on all pre-booked packages. We reserve the right to cancel due to bad weather and provide a full or partial refund. Charges will apply for guests who do not adhere to the cancellation policy (20%).

Due to the nature of small businesses, please book package at least one week in advance of the tour date.

Children under 10 may not ride on trails. All trail rides are led by a guide.

All guests will be given an introductory orientation to safe horse care and handling before every trail ride.

Please note that tours are tailored to the guest’s riding level and ability.

Safety and liability waivers must be signed by all guests (including guardians for minors) before tours begin.

Please advise of any allergies upon booking.

The horseback tour is recommended for Intermediate to Advanced riders (rate yourself using the guidelines below). Accommodations can be made to adjust the ride to Beginner levels of experience, please inform us of this at the time of booking.

Novice/Beginner: Has ridden a horse 0-5 times, 0-3 riding lessons, no formal shows or competitions.

Intermediate: Has ridden a horse consistently for over a year, more than 4 lessons, competed in shows or events.

Advanced: Has ridden more than 3 years consistently, has obtained rider levels through Provincial Equestrian Federation or competed for more than 2 years in shows or events.