Group Booking Information

If you are interested in any programs at the Fundy Geological Museum, simply contact the Coordinator of Public Programs with the approximate number of people, the activities you require, and the date of your visit. If that date is available, you will be contacted with a program, the costs and your reservation will be confirmed. If that date is not available, then other dates will be discussed.

Once an agreement has been reached regarding dates and a program, an itinerary will be sent to you. For overnight trips, you will be asked for a 25% deposit to reserve your dates. This deposit is due before April 15th.

Group Size

We will accept up to two classes from the one school. Teachers wishing to bring larger groups must contact the Museum for further details.

Time and Tides

Arrival times for groups:

  • Day Trips - 10 am
  • Overnight Trips – 1 pm

Departure time will vary according to the program purchased. We ask that you arrive on time as a late arrival will result in the cancellation of some program activities. The Fundy Geological Museum is not responsible for late arrivals or missed activities due to tardiness, and refunds will not be returned for these reasons.

Each program is arranged according to the tides. It is policy that a 2-3 hour window around the high and low tides be used for planning beach tours, depending on the field trip destination.


Cancellations for confirmed bookings must be made at least 30 days prior to the visit date to receive a full refund of the deposit. Up to two weeks prior to the visit, 15% of the deposit will be refunded. There are no refunds after this point.


School or recreation groups should be accompanied by at least:

  • One chaperone per 5-7 students Primary - Grade 5
  • One chaperone per 6-8 students Grades 6-9
  • One chaperone per 6-8 students Grades 6-12 (Overnight Trips)
  • One chaperone per 15 students Senior High

Adults may participate in all activities.
No smoking during school programs or field trips.