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Fall, 2009
Update from Curator’s Corner
Formed in 1989 to develop and
operate a museum of paleontology
and geology, the Society is
celebrating its 20
anniversary. The
Board of Directors of the Society
would like you to invite you to help
ensure the long-term sustainability of
a major county and provincial
resource, Fundy Geological Museum.
Geological time did not end millions of
years ago; it continues to play a role in
each of our daily lives. Our geology is
the foundation of our dramatic
landscape, our natural heritage, and it
draws visitors from around the world.
ova Scotia’s natural heritage has
layed an integral role in the
development of the province’s cultural
heritage and tourism product.
The Nova Scotia Museum Heritage
Division has completed an Interpretive
Master Plan that articulates this
relationship. The Museum has been re-
examining its role in the interpretation of
the province’s story to identify
opportunities to renew and re- brand our
rograms, exhibits and services.
(similar to local dinosaurs)
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Ken Adams
Haunted Museum
October 23rd and
CGS 20
November 8
Oh Christmas Tree!
December 3
FGM 16
March Break
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Although approximately 22,000 visitors are attracted to the Museum each year,
it is recognized that our own future de
pends on the continued promotion of our
region as a destination. We strongly believe that the county’s rich natural and
cultural heritage-related produc
ts have shown considerable growth over the past
sixteen years, including the designation of the Joggins Fossil Cliffs as a
UNESCO World Heritage Site and the op
ening of Cape Chignecto Provincial
Park’s Eatonville facility in the summer of 2009.
Fundy Geological Museum Newsletter
ow in its 16
season of operation, the
Museum has welcomed over 350,000
visitors since opening to the public in
1993. The Museum currently provides
our visitors with an opportunity to learn
about the region’s rich natural heritage,
including the record of our diverse
geological history, Canada’s oldest
dinosaurs and the Bay of Fundy tides.
Tour at Wassons Bluff
The Museum’s exhibits and programs
are based on the region’s rocks, fossils
and minerals, including agate, amethyst
and some of Canada’s oldest dinosaur
skeletons. While these are recognized as
“icons” in their own right, we believe
we have an opportunity to more fully
interpret the role of the region’s
geological past in the development of
another icon, the Bay of Fundy.
The Fundy Geological Museum is
operated by the Cumberland
Geological Society.
Exhibit Renewal
The renewal project has been undertaken in
artnership with the Cumberland Regional
Economic Development Association and the
ova Scotia Museum’s Heritage Division. We
have been working to achieve this vision for a
number of years. The re-branding project has
now reached the stage where the services of a
design company have been obtained to design,
fabricate and install a renewed exhibit gallery
and to develop new programming. It is
anticipated that the installation of the new
exhibits will be completed in early 2010, prior to
the summer season.
Refreshing the Museum’s interpretive plan will
enable us to build on our “unique selling points”,
highlighting two of the region’s icons: the Bay of
Fundy tides, and Canada’s oldest dinosaurs. We
believe that there are opportunities to introduce
elements that are not explored in the existing
gallery, to enhance the connections between our
museum and related heritage sites, to complement
and support the stories told by our partners, and to
differentiate our own product.
Fundy Geological Museum Newsletter 2 of 2
“The Ebb and Flow of the Fundy
Tides have sculpted the
landscape to expose fossils,
rocks and minerals from our
forgotten past”
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