Grade 4 & 7 Teachers’ EdGeo Workshop

Glaciers & Blueberries Field Trip

We are excited to be offering a minds-on, hands-on teachers’ workshop that will be conducted as a full-day field trip in a unique glacial landscape in the heart of Parrsboro’s picturesque wild blueberry country. You will experience a field trip designed specifically with your students in mind and share your experiences with other teachers. Teachers will be provided with useful curriculum-specific resources, a copy of a field trip workbook and field supplies they can use for their classroom thanks to the generous support from EdGeo.

Field Trip Leaders

Louise Leslie

Louise has completed Master’s of Science in Quaternary Geology and has more than 10 years of experience as a geologist. She is currently undertaking a Master’s of Arts in Environmental Education and Communication at Royal Roads University.

Pat Welton

Pat has been the Coordinator of Public Programs at Fundy Geological Museum for several years and is a long-time resident of the area. She is very knowledgeable, with first-hand experience as a blueberry grower.

Date and Time

Friday, October 26th, 2018 from 8:30 am to 4 pm.

Meeting Place

Teachers will meet at the Fundy Geological Museum in Parrsboro, NS. Bus transportation and lunch will be provided for the field trip.

Capacity and Target Audience

Maximum of 20 teachers interested in teaching curriculum-focused Grades 4 and 7 Earth Sciences.

Professional Development Activity

The Central Regional Centre for Education, Regional Family of Schools Supervisor, Chignecto Family has approved this workshop as a PD activity.


A registration fee of $25 will be paid at the beginning of the workshop. To register, please contact either Pat Welton ( ; 902-254-3814) or Louise Leslie ( ; 613-298-6961).


Curriculum Focus


Grades 4 & 7

Grade 4 & 7 Teachers

Program Length: 7 hrs

Workshop Capacity

Maximum of 20 teachers

Program Highlights

This hands on, minds on learning will take place in the form of a field trip in the vicinity of Parrsboro, NS.  The unique glacial landscape offers a natural environment where curricula outcomes in Science units will be achieved. The main focus of this workshop is for teachers to learn about organizing a field trip designed with the student in mind. They will be introduced to activities that will help them to prepare for, conduct and follow-up with a field trip. Useful tools and resources will be provided at no charge.

Curriculum Outcome Links

Science 4: Rocks, Minerals and Erosion

Outcome 7

  • Explore rocks in the environment, collect samples, and record observations (Com, CT, PCD, TF)
  • Classify and compare rocks and minerals according to their characteristics (Com, CI, CT, TF)
  • Explore uses of rocks (Com, CT, PCD, TF)

Outcome 8

  • Explore the connections among the rock cycle, soil, and weather (Com, CI, CT)
  • Investigate an example of erosion (Com, CI, CT, TF)


Science 7 -  Earth and Space Science: Earth’s Crust

Rocks and Minerals        

  • Classify minerals and rocks on the basis of their characteristics and method of formation, and compare with classification key (210-1, 310-2)

Weathering, Soil, and the Rock Cycle

  • Investigate and explain various ways in which rocks can be weathered and explain the rock cycle (311-2, 208-2)
  • Relate various meteorological, geological, and biological processes to the formation of the soils (311-3)


The workshop will begin with a classroom review of rock types and strategies for rock identification. The field trip portion will follow with stops at unique glacial landscapes where pebbles will be collected and used to conduct rock identification, as well as an erosion exercise. Teachers will learn about conducting a field investigation and complete activities in the workbook. A stop at Newville Farm will include a presentation, tour of their facility and a deliciously prepared home-made lunch! The day will conclude with a review of the field trip activities. The teachers will take home a copy of the workbook and some of the field resources used during the field trip.