TIANS Attraction Award of Excellence

As a destination that is a natural attraction in itself, Nova Scoita has enhanced its product offering with built attractions to complement and celebrate our natural and historical attributes.

Tourist Industry Association Nova Scotia is pleased to present the Attractions Award to the FUNDY GEOLOGICAL MUSEUM in Parrsboro.

The Museum opened in 1993.  It was the result of a community's strength in identifying an opportunity and cooperatively making it happen.  The cooperation has resulted in a world class facility.  The Museum is operated locally by the Board of Directors of the Cumberland Geological Society. Feeling they had reached their earlier mission, they developed a new mission statement in 1999 to be "THE WORLD CENTRE FOR EXPERIENCING GEOLOGICAL HISTORY INTERPRETED FROM THE UNIQUE FEATURES OF NOVA SCOTIA'S FUNDY REGION".

The Museum has quickly become an anchor in the community attracting rockhounders from all over the world, hosting the only Atlantic Gem and Mineral Show, providing educational programming for the public and working closely with school children to ensure regional pride is part of their learning.

Those associated with the operation of the Museum understand that it is the community that must benefit.  They sponsor local events and lead in environmental activities such as annual beach cleanups. The Museum's position in the region is assisting the renewing interest in supporting infrastructure. The development of Tourism in Parrsbor region focuses on the celebration of Land & Life and landscape, and is greatly enhancing Nova Scotia's reputation as a "must see" destination.

Museums of the World
Each day a museum from around the world is picked to be the "Museum of the Day" and in December, 1999, Fundy Geological Museum received that honour.